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answer text <p>The need to tackle cyber crime was identified as a key objective of the Government’s Cyber Security Strategy, which is underpinned by £860 million of funding over five years through the National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP). Around 10% of this has been invested in improving the capabilities of law enforcement agencies to respond to cyber crime.</p><p>The National Cyber Crime Unit in the National Crime Agency is responsible for tackling some of the most serious cases of malware - which is often delivered using phishing techniques and which is responsible for infecting computers and stealing banking and other information. This work was undertaken in conjunction with their international <br>partners, to tackle those cyber criminals operating internationally, as well as the cyber teams that have been built in the network of Regional Organised Crime Units throughout England and Wales, also using NCSP funding.</p><p><br>The Government is committed to supporting the public and industry to better protect themselves from this type of criminality. The NCSP also funds the Cyber Streetwise awareness campaign, which encourages the public and Small and Medium Enterprises to adopt safer online behaviour. Phase 2 of the campaign launched in October 2014, including a refreshed website with further advice and support. has had over 170,000 page views on the updated website since October – this is nearly three times higher than at the same time of phase one.</p><p><br>The Government also funds Action Fraud, run by the City of London Police, which is the central reporting point for fraud and financially-motivated cyber crime. This service also provides information on the latest fraud threats, including phishing emails, and individuals can sign up to be alerted when new threats emerge. In December last year, the Government published a set of Guiding Principles with Internet Service Providers which agreed minimum standards for supporting their customers to stay safe online.</p><p> </p>
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