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question text To ask the Attorney General, how many fraud prosecutions were carried out in England and Wales in each Crown Prosecution Service business area. more like this
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answer text <p>The table below shows the number of defendants prosecuted and finalised in 2013-14 by the Crown Prosecution Service in each business area and the Central Casework Division, where the Principal Offence was categorised as ‘Fraud and Forgery’.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>The category of ‘Fraud and Forgery, comprises a number of offences including offences prosecuted by way of the Fraud Act 2006, fraudulently evading income tax, VAT, excise duty or national insurance, bankruptcy offences, money laundering, forgery or using a false instrument and obtaining property, services or pecuniary advantage by deception.</p><p> </p><table><tbody><tr><td><p> </p></td><td><p><strong>2013-2014</strong></p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Cymru Wales</p></td><td><p>426</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Eastern</p></td><td><p>683</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>East Midlands</p></td><td><p>570</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>London</p></td><td><p>3,196</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Merseyside &amp; Cheshire</p></td><td><p>528</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>North East</p></td><td><p>577</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>North West</p></td><td><p>931</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>South East</p></td><td><p>762</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>South West</p></td><td><p>558</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Thames and Chiltern</p></td><td><p>802</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Wessex</p></td><td><p>449</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>West Midlands</p></td><td><p>824</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Yorkshire &amp; Humberside</p></td><td><p>933</p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Central Casework Division</p></td><td><p>6,803</p></td></tr><tr><td><p><strong>England</strong><strong> &amp; Wales</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>18,042</strong></p></td></tr></tbody></table><p> </p><p>Data Source: CPS Management Information System</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>The Central Casework Division includes ‘Fraud and Forgery’ prosecutions previously undertaken by the prosecution function of the Department for Work and Pensions.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>The Principal Offence Category is assigned at the end of a prosecution to indicate the most serious offence with which a defendant is charged at the time of finalisation. It is not possible to disaggregate the outcomes of individual offences, such as fraud, without undertaking a manual search of case records which would incur disproportionate cost.</p>
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