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unstar this property answering dept short name Work and Pensions more like this
unstar this property hansard heading Department for Work and Pensions: Welsh Language more like this
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unstar this property uin 17307 more like this
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unstar this property answer text <p>The DWP has 40 published forms on <del class="ministerial">O</del><ins class="ministerial">o</ins>f<del class="ministerial"> those </del><ins class="ministerial">which 27 are </ins><ins class="ministerial"></ins>covered by the Welsh Language Act<del class="ministerial">,</del><ins class="ministerial">.</ins> <ins class="ministerial">Of these 9</ins> <del class="ministerial">22</del> are <ins class="ministerial">currently</ins> available in Welsh and the rest will be by January 2016.</p><br /> more like this
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unstar this property label Biography information for Nia Griffith more like this