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question text To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, what the real terms change in his Departmental Resource Budgets (a) was in each year since 2010 and (b) is projected to be in each year to 2022. more like this
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answer text <p>The table below shows the annual change in the Ministry of Justice’s available total resource funding from HM Treasury, including depreciation, and Income in real terms to 2019/20. Budgets for the years 2020/21 and 2021/22 will be set in the next Spending Review. The figures below represent actual funding received for 2010/11 – 2017/18, and forecast figures for 2018/19 – 2019/20.</p><p> </p><table><tbody><tr><td><p> </p></td><td><p>2010/ 11</p></td><td><p>2011/ 12</p></td><td><p>2012/ 13</p></td><td><p>2013/ 14</p></td><td><p>2014/ 15</p></td><td><p>2015/ 16</p></td><td><p>2016/ 17</p></td><td><p>2017/ 18</p></td><td><p>2018/ 19<sup>2</sup></p></td><td><p>2019/ 20<sup>2</sup></p></td></tr><tr><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td></tr><tr><td><p>Total Resource DEL Funding<sup>1</sup></p></td><td><p>10.2</p></td><td><p>10.3</p></td><td><p>10.0</p></td><td><p>9.6</p></td><td><p>9.3</p></td><td><p>9.1</p></td><td><p>9.3</p></td><td><p>9.5</p></td><td><p>8.7</p></td><td><p>8.6</p></td></tr><tr><td><p><strong>Funding (restated in 2018/19 prices)</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>11.6</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>11.5</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>11.0</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>10.4</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>9.9</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>9.6</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>9.6</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>9.7</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>8.7</strong></p></td><td><p><strong>8.5</strong></p></td></tr><tr><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td><td><p> </p></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2"><p>Annual real terms increase/(decrease)</p></td><td><p>-1%</p></td><td><p>-5%</p></td><td><p>-6%</p></td><td><p>-4%</p></td><td><p>-3%</p></td><td><p>0%</p></td><td><p>1%</p></td><td><p>-10%</p></td><td><p>-2%</p></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2"><p>Cumulative real terms decrease</p></td><td><p>-1%</p></td><td><p>-5%</p></td><td><p>-11%</p></td><td><p>-14%</p></td><td><p>-17%</p></td><td><p>-17%</p></td><td><p>-17%</p></td><td><p>-25%</p></td><td><p>-27%</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p><sup>1</sup> Includes funding from HM Treasury (both fiscal and non-fiscal) and Income (inc. fees, fines and income from OGDs). Excludes capital spend.</p><p><sup>2 </sup>Based on the SR15 Settlement, with revisions as agreed at AS16. The Ministry continues to engage with HM Treasury on the department’s funding requirements ahead of the Spending Review in 2019.</p>
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